New York City 2013

Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island
Along the east coast, New York City is famous for its designation as one of the top places for boundary-pushing design work in the U.S. This year was no different, as the city and surrounding areas proved worthy of the prestige by producing an abundance of exceptional work.Regional judge Stanley Church, founder and executive creative director of Wallace Church, noted that this year, the designers seemed more willing to experiment with the concepts and tools available to them. “We are seeing amazing creative results from the continued exploration of graphics, typography, illustration and photography by all the designers,” he says. “Now that we have even more new tools to work with, the ability to venture into the unknown is possible—it’s not just better design; it’s innovative and impactful thinking as well.”While the city is chock-full of outstanding designers, Church looked for work that was wholly different from the status quo. His picks were not only striking, they had to be tactical, too. “My process in judging is to find this unexpectedly creative, innovative and strategic new work and not just another version of what we’ve seen before,” Church says. “It needs to be revolutionary and follow its objectives. Having work published is a reward for driving ourselves to these levels, and it encourages us to continue to push forward.”In an effort to push designers to challenge themselves each year, Church recommends seeking out the best work from top-notch firms and creatives. “We have a number of sources that represent the best design solutions, and having this awareness gives us an understanding of where we need to go next,” he says.Church identifies one group in particular that should heed this advice: “For students, there is a great opportunity that exists to be recognized for their creative work. School projects often include innovative new approaches, and having the honor of winning awards supports [a
student’s] résumé.”


Competitions DetailsDeadline: 4/30/14.


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